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"Karolina was a care worker for twelve years mainly working with people in their own homes. She is an experienced director and member of multiple advisory boards. She is a member of the leadership team for the IMPACT centre. She is passionate about social care and social justice and never misses a chance to advocate for care workers. That’s why The Care Workers Charity are delighted to utilise the HealthcareShow247 platform to reach more care workers and potential supporters with HealthcareShow247 providing great exposure across the healthcare industry." 

Karolina Gerlich CEO

"We are delighted to have a virtual stand on the Healthcare247 platform. Providing support for employees, leaders and the organisation is crucial, it is no longer a tickbox exercise, wellbeing should be the top priority of all companies. Healthcare247 is giving us a fantastic opportunity to showcase and exhibit what SupportRoom can offer and how we can help you and your team achieve your full potential"

Ash Vipani, CEO of Support Room

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